Karen Gillan tearing Katy Perry to shreds with her I Kissed a Girl parody.

“I kissed a girl just to sell a hit and you lot bloody fell for it.”

John Darnielle, of The Mountain Goats

Darnielle: For years, I’ve written narrators who aren’t gender-identified. When I do autobiographical stuff, that’s different, obviously. But I’ve always tried to keep my songs as potentially not a man’s thing. I think so many rock songs you assume by default it’s a man’s thing. That’s a weakness of narrative. And when I was younger, my early songs employed this trope that is popular to this day with indie singer-songwriters, where a guy is gonna hurt himself or do something drastic and appalling in order to show the object of his affection how intense his love for her is.

Paste magazine: And we’re supposed to celebrate his self-destruction.

Darnielle: Yeah! And you’re supposed to think that’s amazing when these guys tell these stories: “Oh, he broke something, he hurt somebody, he did something rash; his love must have been so great!” instead of, “Oh no, he’s a psycho.” When I was younger, I did those too. And then I thought, that’s kinda bullshit to tell stories like that. I try not to write songs in which men glamorize their own need for approval from women. That’s kinda a bogus way to go out. But I try to do this quietly, I’m not about to go around telling people how they should or shouldn’t think. My feminism is for me.

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Belle and Sebastian- The Chalet Lines

He raped me in the chalet lines
The girl I shared with was away for the night
I couldn’t get up for my shift today
I’ll have to leave the camp now anyway
I’ll go to London, there’s a mate of mine I know
She’ll give me a place
Full of woe and further to go
She caught the bus
“Oh, I’ll go anywhere”
She caught the bus
Her face was just a smear on the pane

He raped me in the chalet lines
I had just said no for the final time
Although it’s last month, it’s like yesterday
I missed my time, I don’t think I could stand
To take the test, I’m feeling sick
Fuck this, I’ve felt like this for a week
I’d put a knife right into his eyes
My friend can’t see
She asks me why I don’t
Tell the law
Oh, what’s the fucking point at all?

He raped me in the chalet lines
It was a party, it was going fine
With the boys from the amusement park
A few were idiots, they were a really good laugh
They had the shows on until way after dark
I hope she’ll give me a place
Full of woe and further to go
She caught the bus
“Oh, I’ll go anywhere”
She caught the bus
Her face was just a smear on the pane

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Elastica- Stutter

Is there something you lack
When I’m flat on my back
Is there something that I can do for you?
It’s always something you hate
Or it’s something you ate
Tell me is it the way that I touch you?
Have you found a new mate
And is she really great
Is it just that I’m much too much for you?

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Riot Grrrl wasn’t the end result, it was the catalyst. That’s what it was supposed to be, thats what it was meant as—not a static thing. It didn’t have stick around forever to count as successful—movements come in waves—it did it’s job perfectly. So much is different post RG, so much permission and power and inspiration was funneled down steadily—whether it’s to the league of young girl shredders, or rock camps, or explicitly feminist and queer show collectives being run by women whose tether to RG was simply catching the tail end of Sleater Kinney. […]

The hope was, in this supposed 90’s golden era (that is so repeatedly harkened back to), that we would move beyond it. Not park and roll around in it for another 18 years. The hope was that punk rock would get better so that we wouldn’t always need a Riot Grrrl to intercede and open our eyes. If we are fondly recalling Alanis Fucking Morrissette as some sort of speaking-truth-to-power icon over supporting women who are making music today then punk feminism is in deeper shit than we ever were.

Jessica Hopper (music journalist for the Chicago Reader) on her blog

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Lady Gaga sells the promise of outré weirdness without ever being genuinely transgressive or even semiotically coherent. Instead of presenting a series of interlocking propositions of a grand artistic vision, Lady Gaga serves up flat signifiers of superficial ideas—the frisson of the peculiar, disassociated fragments of subcultures (S&M porn, haute performance art, etc.) that would be entirely unpalatable for mainstream Americans if presented more thoroughly. Her shtick is not meant to add up, because then that would actually scare the people she’s trying to woo.

— Lady Gaga Critique at PopMatters (via somethingchanged) (via semisetadrift)

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Rilo Kiley- The Moneymaker

You’ve got the moneymaker
This is your chance to make it

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Riot Grrrl´s manifesto. Bikini Kill zine, number 2. 1991
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Riot Grrrl´s manifesto. Bikini Kill zine, number 2. 1991

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you keep rockin’, meg cabot


Q: I like Taylor Swift, but all these websites say I shouldn’t, because she’s anti-feminist. I want to be a feminist, but not if it means I have to stop liking Taylor Swift. What should I do?

A: It’s getting harder and harder to be a feminist these days. Every time you turn around, someone somewhere is saying something you like is “anti-feminist”: Romances! High heels! Lipstick! Shaving! Sex and the City! Boys! Taylor Swift! Tacos!

But don’t worry. Part of being a feminist is doing what you believe in your heart is right (like Lucy Burns, who suffered hunger strikes, imprisonment, and the force feeding of worms just so we girls could have the right to vote).

And sometimes doing what you believe is right means liking something (or someone) and not caring what anyone else has to say about it.

Lucy in her prison cell, where the police hung her for days by her arms so people like you and me and Snooki could dance around in our underwear to Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga after a hard day of being the primary breadwinner (even though we still earn only 78 cents for every dollar a man earns) without being arrested.

Feminists, can we please, for this new decade, focus on what’s important? The definition of the word feminist is someone who believes women should have the same social, economic, and political rights as men.

I fail to see how Taylor Swift is actively working to undermine legislation in these areas.

- from Meg Cabot’s Q & A post on her blog

Lady Gaga- Telephone

Lady Gaga- Bad Romance